Top Employee Engagement Trends of 2020

March 19, 2020

By Cathy Hulsey

According to a 2018 Gallup study, 53% of employees admitted they don’t feel engaged in the workplace. They’re generally satisfied, but don’t feel a deep connection to their work – meaning they’re apt to leave for another offer at a moment’s notice.

Small to mid-sized businesses know that the team dynamic can make or break a company. With a driven, motivated team, projects are completed more efficiently, innovatively and with fewer mistakes. But when a team is disengaged, projects often struggle as the overall health of the work culture declines.

As a new decade begins, companies across the nation have the opportunity to reengage their employees by implementing emerging trends that can help restore work culture and contribute to stronger business results across the company. Let’s explore a few of these rising engagement tactics.

Flexible Work

Remember the traditional 9-5 workday? Well, that job structure isn’t so common anymore. With the emergence of technology available to connect employees from anywhere, teams don’t have to sit across the hall to create high-quality work together. In fact, many employees expect workplaces to offer remote or flexible work schedules – with 55% of workers saying they’d be likely to look for another job if they were no longer allowed to work remotely.

The American Psychological Association reports that money and work remain the top two sources of significant stress for adults, but family responsibilities have recently emerged as the third most common stressor (54%). Offering remote or flexible work options can help reduce this stress – contributing to a happier, healthier and more engaged workforce. Whether it’s work from home options or flex time, consider offering your employees new ways to collaborate from the couch in 2020.

Redefining & Activating Your Mission

Feeling like your employees are uninvolved or apathetic about your company’s goals? It could be your mission that’s causing the problem.

An Inc. Magazine article reported that when team members contribute to the vision of a company, they’re more likely to feel a greater sense of ownership and motivation to be involved in the company’s success. But first – a shared vision must be created.

To get employee buy in, consider incorporating your team into the process of reinvigorating your mission. Holding brainstorming sessions with the entire team or surveying groups of individuals can help involve employees in creating a fresher, more applicable mission for your company.

Once you’ve established a strong mission in which your team believes, work to activate the group around it. Whether that’s holding a service day focused on this mission, creating team “culture days” or offering awards for seeing the mission being lived out, ensure that your team not only believes in the goal, but has outlets to act on it.  

Training & Development

According to an IBM study, employees who feel they cannot grow or fulfill their career goals in a company are 12 times more likely to leave for another offer that better supports their professional development. Don’t let your company become this statistic – instead, invest in your team’s growth.

By offering options like annual training budgets, lunch & learn sessions and opportunities to attend industry conferences or events, your employees will feel that you’re investing in their professional development just as they’re investing in your company.  

In addition to increased engagement, training and development opportunities create a stronger, more well-rounded team. Not only will the work culture improve, but your work products will be benefited as employees gain confidence and expertise by applying their training and knowledge to projects.

At SourcePointe, our goal is to help you create opportunities for your employees to feel engaged every day. From optimizing training and development opportunities and reimagining your mission, to offering flexible working options, your company can easily reengage employees to create a stronger culture in 2020.

Learn more about how we can help reengage your team by visiting our strategic services page.

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