TGIF move over, Tuesday is Crushing it in Workplace Productivity!

January 17, 2014

As days of the week go, Tuesday tends to get lost in the shuffle.  Friday’s claim to fame is welcoming the weekend. The joys of Saturday and Sunday are a given, and Wednesday gets the popular  “hump day” moniker.  What many  don’t know is that Tuesday gets bragging rights all its own, and  when it comes to workplace productivity, Tuesday rules.

HR managers were asked to rate workplace productivity and Tuesday came out the big winner, with 39% of HR chiefs ranking it number one, followed by Monday at 24%, Wednesday at 14% and Thursday and Friday tied at just 3% .(17 % didn’t  cast a vote in the survey commissioned by Accountemps).  The takeaway?  Tuesday is a great day to get things done.

If productivity spikes on Tuesday, it’s an opportune time to kick off work on a new project or tackle that stack of tasks that need a final burst of activity to wrap up. Human Resources managers can share the story of the “Tuesday productivity peak”  with executives, team leaders and staff up and down the ladder. Shouldn’t everyone know  that there’s something about Tuesday that brings out the best in many workers?

Put Tuesday to work and be sure that important assignments get the attention they deserve on this day.  The biggest HR challenges are often unanticipated so it stands to reason that when you’re aware of factors that can be anticipated, such as Tuesday being a peak performance day, you can chart a course of work accordingly.

Productivity counseling is one of many human resources services SourcePointe provides our clients. We work with team members from the C-suite to the front lines to craft workplace solutions that increase productivity, streamline HR administration and build the bottom line.

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