Risk Management

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Risk Management

Let’s be realistic. It just isn’t practical for you to dedicate the time and resources it takes to stay completely informed and compliant on all the ever-changing employee laws. From OSHA and ADA to FLSA and Title VII, our dedicated team of Compliance experts can help you stay up-to-date and secure.

  • Unemployment Claims Management
  • OSHA Tracking & Reporting
  • COBRA, HIPPA, ERISA Compliance
  • ACA Compliance & Reporting
  • Workplace Harassment Prevention Policy & Training Courses
  • Workplace Safety Training Courses
  • Sexual Harassment Training Courses
  • Records Management
  • Labor Law Compliance
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Employer Practices Liability Insurance
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
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Do you have organizational “blind spots” warranting attention?

Cultural issues and dysfunctional behavior can undermine the effectiveness of management and put your business at risk. For example, conflicts of interest, lack of transparency, and/or unbalanced compensation structures may encourage undesirable behavior and comprise the effectiveness of risk management. SourcePointe offers businesses a partner in navigating the ever-evolving regulatory environment by keeping them up to date with the risks of litigation and non-compliance infractions that other businesses may face alone.

What’s your catastrophic plan?

Disaster can strike at any given time. Whether a natural, environmental, or just freak accident, how your business responds can be the difference between successful risk mitigation and risk nightmares. SourcePointe helps you stay prepared by proactively identifying potential risks and by developing comprehensive strategies to address your employees, infrastructure, and business continuity.

Do you lack the guidance, tools, and resources to stay up to date with ever-evolving compliance matters?

Compliance standards can be confusing—and both legally and financially risky. Without the right resources it’s time consuming and hard for you to stay up to date. At SourcePointe, were committed to finding efficiencies in the workplace through refined processes, advanced technology, and direct communication, making each client organization more cost-effective and agile over time.

Do you need an extra hand in navigating state and federal regulations?

Legal guidance isn’t self-evident. Between states passing new legislation, like paid sick leave laws, and federal agencies releasing new guidance every week, it’s hard to keep up. Government resources alone are not enough. That’s why at SourcePointe, our clients have access to all of our in-house consultants and can leverage their deep knowledge to solve routine or complex business challenges.

Is hiring a full-time compliance officer just not in your budget?

If you’re a small to midsize business hiring someone to make sure you keep up to date with compliance matters may not be in the budget but making mistakes can also be costly for your business. As the regulatory environment continues to tick upward, SourcePointe offers compliance assistance to allow you to focus on revenue-generating functions that drive business growth. SourcePointe clients enjoy a savings on HR administration, even as they enjoy a significantly higher level of service.

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“Our affiliation with SourcePointe reduces the amount of energy we have to put toward payroll, taxes and things like that. They have taken some of our time consuming HR duties which has allowed us to focus efforts on our core business. We consider SourcePointe a very worthwhile investment for us and not really an expense.”

Managing Partner Law Firm, Mobile, AL

“SourcePointe has saved me a tremendous amount of money and paperwork. They move quickly on issues and they stay on top of all of the legal changes and let me focus on growing my business. I recommend them all the time for all of their products- such as payroll, human resources, workers compensation and benefits.”

Owner Automotive Industry, Birmingham, AL

“SourcePointe has helped my company tremendously by taking the stress out of payroll and human resources administration. They have made things so much easier for our management team. Thanks to SourcePointe, my business is growing faster than ever and my cost for payroll and human resources administration is down.”

CEO Commercial Construction, Knoxville, TN

The SourcePointe Experience – testimonials from our clients

The best way to learn about something is to experience it first hand. But a close second is to learn by listening from those who already have. So when it comes to showcasing what it’s like to have us as your HR partner, there’s no better source than our clients. See what they’re saying, then contact us if you’d like to experience the SourcePointe Experience too.

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