HR Operational Services

Helping with the day-to-day so your business can thrive year-after-year.

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  • Customized creation and annual review of employee handbooks
  • Assistance and guidance from licensed professionals on employee relations issues
  • Development and review of job descriptions
  • Recruitment services including job posting development, resume review and initial screenings
  • Customized development of performance evaluation systems
  • Conduct employee and manager trainings
  • Investigate harassment and discrimination claims
  • Conflict resolution with employees
  • Guidance for progressive discipline and terminations of employment
  • Conduct employee feedback surveys

Operational Services

We get it. Your company’s sole purpose for existence is probably not in providing the highest level of HR services possible. But ours is. Which is why one of our primary offerings is in helping you manage all those day-to-day HR- and personnel-related tasks. Tasks that otherwise distract your business from doing what it does best.

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“Our affiliation with SourcePointe reduces the amount of energy we have to put toward payroll, taxes and things like that. They have taken some of our time consuming HR duties which has allowed us to focus efforts on our core business. We consider SourcePointe a very worthwhile investment for us and not really an expense.”

Managing Partner Law Firm, Mobile, AL

“SourcePointe has saved me a tremendous amount of money and paperwork. They move quickly on issues and they stay on top of all of the legal changes and let me focus on growing my business. I recommend them all the time for all of their products- such as payroll, human resources, workers compensation and benefits.”

Owner Automotive Industry, Birmingham, AL

“SourcePointe has helped my company tremendously by taking the stress out of payroll and human resources administration. They have made things so much easier for our management team. Thanks to SourcePointe, my business is growing faster than ever and my cost for payroll and human resources administration is down.”

CEO Commercial Construction, Knoxville, TN

The SourcePointe Experience – testimonials from our clients

The best way to learn about something is to experience it first hand. But a close second is to learn by listening from those who already have. So when it comes to showcasing what it’s like to have us as your HR partner, there’s no better source than our clients. See what they’re saying, then contact us if you’d like to experience the SourcePointe Experience too.

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