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Employee benefits that benefit everyone.

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Employee Benefits

While casual Fridays and good breakroom coffee are always a plus, potential employees are looking for more. Our employee benefit plans do more than just help you entice and keep top-talent. By simultaneously working with multiple companies, we’re able to pool your resources and offer your employees bigger plans at lower rates for them, and for you. (We can even recommend some good coffee too).

  • Medical, Dental & Vision Benefits
  • Open Enrollment & Plan Administration
  • Supplemental & Voluntary Benefits
  • Section 125 Administration
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • 401K Retirement Plan Options
  • ACA Compliance & Reporting
  • Premium Reconciliation & Payment
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Are you employees still enrolling in benefits with paper forms?

Simplify the process across your organization with secure, electronic enrollment. New employee enrollment is now easier than ever before. Whether it’s saving time or better understanding available benefits, your employees will love the convenience of SourcePointe’s electronic benefit enrollment.

Are you tired of rising healthcare costs?

At SourcePointe, we know benefits are a major investment for you as an employer. But what if there was a way to stabilize and even potentially lower your rates? Turn to SourcePointe. Our comprehensive benefit package gives employers the ability to invest in higher quality benefits at a much lower cost ensuring that your employees have access to the highest-quality care possible.

Is your workforce educated on your benefit package?

It’s vital to help employees understand and appreciate the value of benefit programs that provide financial, physical and emotional security to them and their families. When an employee knows they are important and a focus for your company, there is a feeling of teamwork and cooperation that helps propel your business forward. But educating and communicating your staff isn’t always easy. When you partner with SourcePointe we help you develop and implement a benefit communication strategy so your employees can stay informed.

Does your benefit package cover the rising relevance of mental health?

Mental health disorders are among the most burdensome health concerns in the US today. So it is no surprise, there is an adequate need to address these issues in the workplace. SourcePointe offers workplace wellness programs that can help you identify those at risk and connect them to help and support to reduce and manage stress- helping your team become happier, confident, and more productive.

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“Our affiliation with SourcePointe reduces the amount of energy we have to put toward payroll, taxes and things like that. They have taken some of our time consuming HR duties which has allowed us to focus efforts on our core business. We consider SourcePointe a very worthwhile investment for us and not really an expense.”

Managing Partner Law Firm, Mobile, AL

“SourcePointe has saved me a tremendous amount of money and paperwork. They move quickly on issues and they stay on top of all of the legal changes and let me focus on growing my business. I recommend them all the time for all of their products- such as payroll, human resources, workers compensation and benefits.”

Owner Automotive Industry, Birmingham, AL

“SourcePointe has helped my company tremendously by taking the stress out of payroll and human resources administration. They have made things so much easier for our management team. Thanks to SourcePointe, my business is growing faster than ever and my cost for payroll and human resources administration is down.”

CEO Commercial Construction, Knoxville, TN

The SourcePointe Experience – testimonials from our clients

The best way to learn about something is to experience it first hand. But a close second is to learn by listening from those who already have. So when it comes to showcasing what it’s like to have us as your HR partner, there’s no better source than our clients. See what they’re saying, then contact us if you’d like to experience the SourcePointe Experience too.

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