HR Administrative Services

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  • Online, interactive employee new hire onboarding
  • E-verify process management
  • Comprehensive I-9 review for all existing and new employees
  • Preparation and submission of EEO-1 report
  • HRIS system
  • Review of all new hire paperwork
  • On-site assessment of personnel files
  • Personnel data changes
  • Administer background check screenings
  • Coordination of drug testing program
  • Process and mediate all unemployment compensation claims
  • New employee onboarding

HR Administrative Services

Whether you employ 10 or 1,000, keeping track of the endless paperwork, procedures, and proper forms can be more than just a headache—it can be the thing that takes up a majority of your time. But SourcePointe can be the solution. In fact, our team is full of people who actually enjoy those mundanities, and are ready to help lessen your administrative burdens today.

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Are you experiencing communication problems?

It’s no secret that poor communication can cripple your business. At SourcePointe, effective communication is at the core of our partnership mentality—working daily with your team to ensure clear and constant communication exists between employee and employer.

Are you getting bogged down with the details?

Employees will always have who, what, when, and how-much questions for their employer. The real problem comes when those work questions begin to interfere with the real work. Enter SourcePointe. While we excel at creating big-picture HR strategies, we’re at our best when helping businesses with day-to-day personnel management solutions. Solutions like establishing a clear line of communication between employer and employee—ensuring that everyone stays up to speed, all without slowing anyone down.

Are your employees able to see your company’s vision?

When company goals are not fully clarified by the company’s leadership, employees can become confused and frustrated by what management is expecting from them. At best, this can result in complacency. At worst, it can poison a company from within. SourcePointe works with your leadership, management and staff to ensure company goals and expectations are crystal clear.

Is a lack of company culture causing an increase in turnover?

More and more employees are caring less and less about traditional benefits and wage increases than they are about the overall culture and environment of where they work. And while it’s common sense that happier employees are more likely to stay, creating an environment that challenges, encourages, and rewards its staff is something much more complex. With a SourcePointe partnership, we can help you institute and manage a culture that can both attract and retain your best employees.

Are your star employees burning out too fast?

While getting the most out of your employees can result in a boost to workplace efficiency, overworking your team can have an equal, yet negative, result. But when you turn to SourcePointe, we help you develop and evaluate your employees so that you’re able to instill and maintain a healthy work-life balance among your employees that will be equally beneficial for you and them.


“Our affiliation with SourcePointe reduces the amount of energy we have to put toward payroll, taxes and things like that. They have taken some of our time consuming HR duties which has allowed us to focus efforts on our core business. We consider SourcePointe a very worthwhile investment for us and not really an expense.”

Managing Partner Law Firm, Mobile, AL

“SourcePointe has saved me a tremendous amount of money and paperwork. They move quickly on issues and they stay on top of all of the legal changes and let me focus on growing my business. I recommend them all the time for all of their products- such as payroll, human resources, workers compensation and benefits.”

Owner Automotive Industry, Birmingham, AL

“SourcePointe has helped my company tremendously by taking the stress out of payroll and human resources administration. They have made things so much easier for our management team. Thanks to SourcePointe, my business is growing faster than ever and my cost for payroll and human resources administration is down.”

CEO Commercial Construction, Knoxville, TN

The SourcePointe Experience – testimonials from our clients

The best way to learn about something is to experience it first hand. But a close second is to learn by listening from those who already have. So when it comes to showcasing what it’s like to have us as your HR partner, there’s no better source than our clients. See what they’re saying, then contact us if you’d like to experience the SourcePointe Experience too.

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