HR Communications: Organizational Values, Vision, and Mission

March 4, 2014

It’s important to base your organization on a solid foundation of values you practice on a daily basis. What makes that foundation everlasting as your business grows? Here are the essential building blocks you need to ensure a successful business structure:

Values:  Values are worthwhile traits you believe should represent an individual or organization’s highest priorities.

Value statement:  A concrete statement or sentence that represents your values and defines how the organization approaches its internal and external communities.

Vision:  An ideal of what your organization will become—a plan for the future. An organization’s vision focuses on its long term potential and gives it direction for growth.

Mission:  A mission is a statement of what the organization exists to accomplish—it’s why the organization exists. The mission creates cohesion, as it is based on both the values and the vision.

Strategies:  Strategies are the approach to accomplishing the values, vision and mission. Strategies are the things you do every day to achieve your organization’s goals.

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