How to Maximize Performance Review Results

February 24, 2014

Annual performance reviews are stressful for both managers and employees. If approached the wrong way, these meetings can be awkward and uncomfortable. Here are five tips to maximize performance review results.

  1. Focus on the positive: Mention the good things your employees do every day, and praise them for their hard work. Even if their work ethic is lacking, emphasize positive things they can do in to improve performance. Encourage your employees to be excited about the future and engaged in the workplace.
  2. Focus on results: As a manager, you must always focus on improving results. It’s important to make clear suggestions and give specific examples of your expectations. Always make sure your employees understand these expectations and offer your help as they may need it.
  3. Involve employees in setting goals:  Take your employees’ opinions into account when setting goals and allow them to contribute their input in decision making. Make these goals achievable and realistic and have a concrete plan to accomplish them.
  4. Don’t micromanage:  Trust your employees to do their jobs. There is a reason why you hired them, and their expertise is critical to your workplace productivity. Don’t waste your time or theirs planning every detail of a project—let them get the work done to make your job easier.
  5. Truly evaluate performance:  Never attack an employee’s demeanor or personality. All criticism should be constructive and job-related. By then end of the performance review, both of you should have something to take away that will help improve productivity.

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