How do small businesses best prioritize diversity and inclusion?

July 31, 2019

Diversity in the workplace positively impacts the bottom line of any organization. It can improve employee retention, enhance overall workforce performance and increase employee engagement rates. While large companies often have initiatives surrounding diversity and inclusion, small businesses don’t always have the resources to do the same. So, where does the small business owner start? By making it a company standard. It’s one thing to want to incorporate diversity training and workplace inclusion, but unless your whole team understands why they are important, those initiatives will be set up to fail. In this post, we’ve highlighted a few ways for small business owners to focus on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

Make it known from the start.

Research has shown that companies with a diverse workforce are 43% more likely to experience higher profits. For small business owners, this could mean elevating their business and growing their numbers. Employers should also take the time to evaluate their hiring processes, such as job postings. Are you reaching a wide range of candidates? Or are your job requirements limiting your pool of potential new hires? Have you inadvertently used language in your job posting that alienates people of different backgrounds or ethnicities? Developing both an effective recruiting strategy and hiring process are crucial to creating a diverse workplace. If you need help with creating either, we’re here to assist.

Talk about it often.

While making is clear to existing employees and new hires that diversity and inclusion within the workplace are priorities managers need to foster both on a daily basis. Employers should show employees that they’re serious about creating an environment that holds possibility for everyone. For small business owners, this can be as simple as weaving inclusive messages throughout meetings and conversations. Diversity can have the same impact on small businesses as it does on larger organizations. That’s why establishing an environment where employees can collaborate on diverse teams and bring different points of view and skill sets to the table is crucial to company success. And fostering an open dialogue is an important part of that. Fortunately, we’re here to help facilitate those conversations if need be.

We can help.

Employers that communicate their organizational commitment to diversity both internally and externally tend to attract a more diverse and skilled talent pool. Small business owners should make it known throughout their organization that inclusion is priority and a company standard. If you need help making that happen, we’re here as a dedicated resource. Our team of HR experts step in to provide guidance for leadership on how to introduce diversity and inclusion to the workforce. Diversity training and frequent conversations about inclusion can increase employee retention rates and contribute to a better company-culture – both of which can greatly benefit small business owners.

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