How Do I Increase Productivity in My Employees?

January 24, 2019

Employers always want to get the most out of their employees. But rising levels of disengagement, stale company culture and lack of internal communications are common barriers to high productivity. We’ve outlined 3 keys to increasing and maintaining productivity within your organization.

1)   Focus on employee engagement. 

Disengaged employees can be a cancer to a company, resulting in lower quality of work, burnout and high turnover rates from other affected employees. That’s why keeping your team engaged with their work and your mission is crucial to increasing overall productivity. It’s important to note that employee engagement is not a one-and-done effort achieved through annual team bonding activities or incentive programs. Rather, employee engagement is fostered (or not) on a daily basis. Here are a few things employers may focus on to increase employee engagement:

Connect your people to a higher purpose. Your team should know why their work is important. Take time to sit down with your employees to explain the company values and your vision.

– Communicate with your team about what’s expected of them. Work should not be a to-do list that your team simply “gets through”. Laying out expectations can help your employees stay motivated to do great work.

– Provide constructive feedback. If you don’t communicate what could be better, they’ll never know they need to improve. Make necessary corrections and set new benchmarks of achievement on a regular basis.

Beyond these simple steps, check with us on engagement strategies to implement to increase workplace productivity.

2)   Take care of your people.   

Employee benefits and wellness packages can only reach so far. People today are looking for places to work that have healthy company culture and strong team chemistry. Employers who prioritize those two elements usually enjoy highly productive teams. That being said, managing stress in the workplace is very important. Particularly, be on the lookout for fear in the workplace. Employees who are in constant fear of losing their job or disappointing their managers produce less and lower quality work than those who are confident in their status and workplace relationships. A recent study found that 79% of employees who quit their jobs attribute their leaving to a “lack of appreciation”. Managers need to take responsibility for the well-being of their team members. And the simplest way to do that is by communicating openly and frequently to their team about how they’re doing. Providing recognition and praise when warranted is as important as providing constructive criticism. And it’s the responsibility of the leadership to ensure that their employees have a healthy dose of both.

Help your team manage stress through physical activities like taking a walk or stretching at the desk. Encourage employees to take 10-15 minutes breaks when needed. Researchers have continued to find that incorporating small opportunities for physical activity throughout the day can lead to higher levels of productivity and employee engagement.

3) Better the communication.  

Without effective two-way communication, businesses will fail. A study by CRM Learning found that over 80% of work-related conversation is spent on past issues, roughly 15% is spent on what’s happening now, and 5% is spent on solutions and future possibilities. Informative and helpful conversation fosters productivity, while negative and reminiscent conversation can bring it to a halt. Leadership should keep this top of mind when going into team meetings and performance reviews. If your employees are focused on what they can do next instead of what they’ve done wrong, they will be more motivated and engaged with their work. Prioritizing solutions and possibilities in workplace dialogue can have a substantial impact on your team’s productivity.

We can help. 

A highly productive workplace can help a company stand out in their industry. And we can help make that happen. Our team of human resources experts partners with your organization to help you function at the highest levels possible. In addition to providing employee and leadership training, we also provide administrative, strategic and operational services that can help increase productivity  .

At SourcePointe, we utilize our industry-experience to provide you with a multitude of customizable HR services, support, and solutions. All so your business can do one thing – more business. We’ll provide tailor-made solutions that fit your company’s needs while providing a solid return on your investment that pays off immediately – and for many years after that. 

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