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When you work for SourcePointe, you don’t just work for us, you work for our clients, helping us form partnerships with them that last. So, if you’re a problem-solving, HR-loving, go-getting, detail-oriented, people-person who wants to succeed by helping others do the same, then you’re exactly whom we’re looking for. And if you know we should’ve said ‘who’ instead of ‘whom’ there, even better.

To inquire about available jobs or send us your resume, contact us at If we think you’re a good fit for anything upcoming, we’ll let you know.

An HR company that doesn’t look like one.

Hairdressers are chatty. Scientists are smart. HR professionals are ________. We’ll stop you right there. Because at SourcePointe, we’re a bit different than what you might expect. Sure, we’ve got some Type-A type people who are honorary captains in the grammar police. But we’re also a fun and friendly group who treat each other like family (not like, in-law family. More like, siblings after being away from each other for a few months).

What we mean to say is, we think it’s a great place to work, and we think you’ll think so as well. Naturally, we also have some of the best human resources you’re ever likely to find. And some of the best humans too.

SourcePointe Gives Back.

As a business that makes its business on providing human resources, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we just love humans. So much so that we do everything we can to support our communities and the people living within them. Whether it’s encouraging employee participation through paid-time-off for volunteer work, or offering up our workspace to host meetings for charitable organizations, we strive to provide our communities with the resources they need to thrive.

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Providing resources for humanity.