Avoiding Procrastination in the Workplace

October 11, 2013

I’ll Tackle That Problem…Tomorrow

Procrastination tendencies have plagued you since your high school days. SourcePointe offers 5 tips for controlling your procrastination problem. 

“Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin,” wrote famous American entrepreneur Victor Kiam. Procrastination in the workplace robs your company of valuable time, money and resources. Yet, we’ve all been guilty of putting off for tomorrow what could have been done today – or yesterday.  Get your procrastination problem under control with these five suggestions.

1.      Calculate Cost

Attempt to determine exactly what you are risking if you opt to procrastinate on a project. Perhaps you’ll reduce your chance for promotion. Maybe you’ll be forced to work late hours that dip into family time. Taking a few minutes to consider the consequences of your procrastination and how those affect your priorities can be extremely motivational.

2.      Worst In, First Out

Be sure to undertake your most difficult or tedious work first. The sooner you start, the sooner you finish. Additionally, the sense of accomplishment you’ll receive upon completing a particularly daunting task will serve as great inspiration to continue your streak of productivity.

3.      Break it Up

Begin a job by removing mind clutter and eliminating trivial items from your to-do list. Once you are able to fully focus on the task at hand, attempt to compartmentalize various components of your assignment into manageable chunks. Designate personal deadlines for each smaller job that will keep you on track to meet your overall deadline and provide you with an encouraging sense of success throughout the entire process.

4.      Get Someone Else Involved

Make a verbal commitment to someone else in your office. Tell him or her exactly when you will be finished with your endeavor. Saying the time restraint aloud increases its sense of reality and urgency. Involving an additional party will increase your sense of accountability as you will be letting down more than just yourself if you fail to meet your goals.

5.      Stay Busy

Fill your schedule. Don’t allow your business to settle for less than maximum efficiency on account of your laziness and subsequent procrastination. Though you want to avoid workaholic status, staying busy in the workplace provides the stimulation for which you’ve previously been depending on the procrastination.

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